bittersweettart  is a small batch from scratch one woman bakeshop in the business of creating pleasure one bite at a time.

bittersweettart takes pride in crafting tarts, tray goods and treats that look good and taste even better using traditional methods, quality ingredients, a light hand, and lots of love.

bittersweettart fare features puckeringly tart lemon and lime curds, mellow caramel, sumptuous  chocolate ganaches, silky pastry creams, marvelous meringues, and preserves made in her studio kitchen from Lindt and Callebaut chocolate, sweet unsalted butter, cream, whole milk, cane sugar, nuts, berries, hand pressed citrus juice, locally sourced farm fresh eggs, and seasonal fruit, and contain no transfats, added preservatives, or artificial flavouring.

bittersweettart currently supplies The Princess Cafe and DVLB, vends Cookies Galore The Hespeler Village Market, Cambridge and Aberfoyle Markets all summer long; will be preparing Brown Paper Packages tied up with Strings of traditional cookies for Xmas gifting beginning in October, and always welcomes catering and wholesale enquiries.

bittersweettart’s licensed and inspected studio kitchen is tucked off Victoria Street between between Bramm and Park Streets Streets in Downtown Kitchener and is open by appointment only.